Unicons committed its Business Operation Plan for the year 2012 – 30th January 2012


In the exciting atmosphere of the whole country in the 1st working day of the New Year 2012, Uy Nam Investment Construction Joint Stock Company (UNICONS) held a meeting opening its office in the New Year. In the 1st working day, all milf porn video the key executives joined in the Commitment Ceremony of the Company’s Business Operation Plan for the year 2012. Especially, there had the participation of the Chairman – Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong.


After the Commitment Ceremony of the Business Operation Plan 2012, the General Director – Mr. Nguyen Sy Cong had a cordial meeting with Unicons’ executives and staffs. Apart from wishes of health, peace and success in the New Year, Unicons’ Board of Management offered lucky money to all staffs, which created a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. All Unicons’ members drank a toast to the achievements in 2011, meanwhile gave cartoon porn expectations that Unicons will continue achieving success in 2012.


Mr. Nguyen Ba Duong - Chairman said at the signing ceremony



Technical representative of the business plan commitment to the full free asian porn company



Board of Directors determined for the new year

The Business Operation Plan for the year 2012 based on the evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses and the experience in 2011 along with the consideration, assessment and prediction of the trend in 2012. The economic context of our country in particular and of the world in general in 2012 will have many changes that are unforeseeable; especially the construction sec dating sites tor has not yet shown favorable signals. However, with the solidarity and determination, the Board of Managers and the whole staffs have great expectations for the year 2012, which Unicons will continue to overcome difficulties to achieve its targets.



Board of Directors opened champagne to celebrate the new year


 The event took place with a happy faces