Fascinating Unicons’ Trade Union Activities in 2011 – 15th August 2011

In general, the year 2010 is a landmark that indicated the growth of Unicons as a whole. Based on the proud achievements last year, Unicons’ Trade Union in coordination with the Board of Management held its Trade Union operation program for the year 2011.


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1. Periodic health care program 2011:

In particular, the Trade Union held the general health care program for Unicons’ executives and staffs. This is one of its annual activities that express the care of health of its members, aiming at maintaining a safe and friendly working environment for all members.


2. The summer sport event 2011:

Da Nang Region (3rd July – 10th July 2011)

Ho Chi Minh Region (7th August – visit 14th August 2011)

The heat of the matches happened all over the grounds of the stadium and the zealous yell of the fans still resounded through Unicons. In effect, the summer sport event 2011 upheld its meaning and role in heightening the power of the whole team, raising the spirit and momentum after hard working days. Moreover, this is a precious and exciting occasion of gathering among members of Unicons, the suppliers and the subcontractors.


3. Travelling

At the end of July and in early August 2011, many interesting tours happened as follows:

  • Hongkong – Disneyland Tour (24th July – 27th July 2011):
  • All the members experienced the great discoveries of the city called the Asian Pearl. The 5,000 years of culture being added by 150 years of colonial influence created the look and trait of Hongkong nowadays. Hongkong culture is described as a convergence of the East and the West. This is really a great destination for tourism, which leaves behind a nice hallmark towards all members.
  • Malaysia – Singapore Tour (31st July – 4th August 2011):
  • The group experienced the diversified cultures in a nation of different ethnic groups – Malaysia and in the lion island - Singapore. Apart from undergoing various styles of behavior, the group excitingly enjoyed food of different peoples. The trip brought a newer and more modern look of the life and the people of these two beautiful countries.
  • Phu Quoc lesbians free porn videos Tour ( 5th August – 7th August 2011):
  • The attractive nature of the island and its friendly inhabitants along with the diversification of the local specialties let each member visit feel free out of the normal busy life. The interesting experiences with the nature, mountain, forest and sea helped release the stress and fatigue. The island’s nature brought each member a feeling of refreshment, excitement together with cheery smiles.
  • The above-mentioned activities are parts of the annual operation program of Unicons’ Trade Union. All of them indicated the powerful upholding of the strength and the role of the Trade Union parallel teen porn movies to the whole company’s business operation. As a result, each member of Unicons is closer to each other and together aims at the general target that is to build Unicons stronger.